Tikoly is a Web3-native user engagement solution to enable tokenomics in business applications, such as the 'attend-to-earn' model, so that you can catalyst exponential user growth and brand experience you've never seen with Web2 solutions.


XTimer is an attendance tracking dApp featuring attendance tracking for task/event (in person or virtual), and professional service billing and payment.

Custom deployment of XTimer is available for enterprise customers, typically in customer loyalty campaigns.

XTimer is currently under active development. Please subscribe to this site to get the latest update.

Deploy your Tikoly solution

As key components of Tikoly are under development, we are reviewing their designs with early customers. If you feel that NFT-driven customer engagement is on your businesses' roadmap, you can talk to our team with Keybase and join the conversation with this invite link,  https://keybase.io/team/tiktagus.

Once you're convinced that Tikoly is for you, we'll put you on the wait-list as premium customers, who are enjoying all the first-mover advantages brought with Tikoly solutions.

Talk to Tikoly team

We host Events and stream video/audio on Twitter Spaces, sharing the latest trends and practices in crypto-mediated user engagement with leaders, builders and avid users.

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