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Show Notes

Ryan and Chance sit together over coffee time, talking about what is Tikoly and why we build products and offer services under Tikoly.
  1. What is Tikoly? Why are we working on solutions under this brand?
  2. What trends and markets do we see that we can serve as a team?
  3. NFT and its past glories and scams
  4. Customer Loyalty Programs
  5. Tokenization of user behavior, what does it mean to brands seeking innovation in user / customer engagement?
  6. What are the basic tooling and infrastructure that are missing?
  7. What tech products we're building to serve such markets and customers?
  8. Down the road, in Q2 and rest of 2023, what we're looking at for building useful tools and products?
  9. Partners we have and why do they matter?
  10. Dr. Belina, Art Dealer, covers all china traditional art collectiables markets
  11. GWMA, Dr. Benson, financial professions certification provider, approved by Hong Kong governnment
  12. InfoThinker, web3 cloud service provider, total solution on NFT for customer loyalty programs
  13. Wrapping up