About Tikoly

Tikoly, is a brand for communicating our mission,

Enable professional service between China and the world.

In practice, Tikoly is

  1. a content channel for supporting educational service professionals around the world who care about their professional growth.
  2. a time tracking solution (in development) for service professionals who're embracing the world of remote work.

Why Tikoly

It's been a recurring theme that knowledge-intensive professionals, such as coaches, teachers and instructors, time management is a key enabling capability for their business. By leveraging technologies we are good at, Tikoly as a solution has a good role to play in education or professional service sectors in general.

In Sept 2019, we launched a prototype product by this very name and got it test driven. We has been inspired to take a step further by the ealry feed-back we earned. Investing in content channels seem to be the right direction to go and here we are.

Upcoming on tikoly.com, we will release useful content such as product reviews, tech tips or advisory pieces to empower our users and audience, also for fun and profits.

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