Why we start Tikoly

Tikoly started out as a need to train our founders' kids on how to manage their attention.  As parents, they need to foster good habits among their kids in an increasingly digital world.

We want to prepare our kids to become fluent readers so that they can avoid the many pitfalls from consuming too much video and other digital media.

Tikoly has been hosting kids of all ages, by letting everyone to check-in and read together every day, we help readers appreciate the time reading together. We practice and harvest the magic of 'reading together' by leverage tools like Lark Suite (or Feishu in Chinese) for paid users, and WeChat Live (微信视频号) or Clubhouse for anyone for free.

From reading to any excellence

The ability to read fluently requires deliberate and prolong (self) training. Kids nowadays are more adaptive to video and other non-text content, for good reasons, but they are also ensalved by digital media. The good old practices of reading aloud and reading together can expose them to more joy from reading alone and together, and as a result, become a fluent reader on text content.