Tikoly is a web3-native solutions for user engagement.

At its core, Tikoly offer open source components on AAA - Authentication, Authorization and Access Control, that are bridging the gap between Web2 and Web3 user experience.

What is Tikoly

Tikoly is, firstly of all, the brand for the many web3 solutions we're building for our clients. Starting with XTimer, we're dedicated to leverage the best of web3 technologies to enable clients' business in the following areas,

  1. Proof-of-Presence user engagement apps, by which a brand can host, issue and distribute (or airdrop) NFT/digital collectibles to its consumers or users;
  2. Metering, billing and settlement for rewarding users, such as timesheet apps for coaches/consultants/lawyers;
  3. Web3 product & tokenomics design, so that any business can navigate throw the maze of crypto, blockchains, and all-things-web3, that are typically confusing to work around without enough technical literacy.

Why we build Tikoly

We started out firstly building tiktag.us, a bottom-up digital asset hosting and auditing tool, for digital art work creators. Since TikTag is an open source platform under-incubation, we'd rather focus on building the 1st demo app, XTimer, to demo the power of TikTag to you, dear clients and brands, so that we can work together to make Web3 tech a leverage in your businesses.

Team(s) behind Tikoly

We are a cohort of different team(s) living around the world but work semi-remotely to seamlessly collaborate to build solutions and technologies behind Tikoly solutions.

  • Chance Jiang, serial entreprenure and product designer of numerous category-making IoT products, such as the 1st photo printing (vending machine) working solely on WeChat APIs. He also invented the now ubiquitous UX pattern, scan QR to start a human-machine interaction/business session  
  • Atman An, veteran full-stack developer who's led engineering team(s) behind the hyper-growth of many Chinese startups, such as Meituan
  • Ryan Sy, enterprise business professional, brining 10+ years expertise in finance, management consulting, venture capital and corporate strategy, years of experience in business development in tech consulting and software dev. to the mix of our team(s)

There are also many others who's been working as upstream tech builders on Tikoly. We'll introduce them in due course.

Talk to Tikoly team

We host Events and stream video/audio on Twitter Spaces, sharing the latest trends and practices in crypto-mediated user engagement with leaders, builders and avid users.

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